Northfield Arts Guild “Very Short Play Festival IV”…

14 05 2009

This past May 2nd was the performance of the VSPF IV in Northfield, and despite some early scares (my sisters van breaking down on the way there, and a woman literally walking off stage in the middle of the first play of the evening), it was a great show and a blast of an experience, both for me and my cast.

After hours of furious clicking, dragging, and swearing (God, Facebook is the flakiest website ever created), I finally managed to get the video of my show, “Handle With Care,” ripped off the DVD and posted online, and here it is for your viewing pleasure (displeasure?).  The script can be read by clicking the link on the right, so you can see how the show developed from the page to the stage, if you are a nerd and interested in such things.

And huge props to the cast of the show: Kim Hostrawser (Casandra), Nikki Wakal (Jennifer), April Gage (Eve), and Andrew Nawrocki (Matt), who worked super hard on this in rehearsals and then went out there and gave a tremedous performance. Click on the video below to enjoy their work!

(Note: Like most recordings of live theater, the sound quality on this sucks. I recommend some headphones or cranking your sound to the max.)