Some tasty Spam…

21 11 2009

One of the features of having a nifty WordPress site is a spam catcher.  Most spam isn’t very interesting to read, but a couple days ago I got a beautiful one.  I’m not making this up:

Why hello swain forum people! I just wanted to interpose myself here as this looks like a very attractive forum! I myself am gripping in things like writeing and computer repair so if anyoune needs serve let me differentiate! I also Suffer from Sciatica so if you aslo fool this contagion let me recognize so we can stake some stretches!

So much goodness here, I don’t even know how to pick  my favorite part.  No…that’s a lie, I definitely know what my favorite part is.  My favorite part is: “…if you also fool this contagion let me recognize…”  I have no clue what that means, but it just sounds like poetry.

Anyway, can anyone translate this for me?  Leave your best word-for-word translation of what you think this spam message is trying to say in the comment box, and the best one will get, um, a surprise.  A “surprise” as in, “Surprise!  You get nothing!”