Talented.  Funny.  Generous.  Sexually virile.  But enough about me, I want to hear from you…

What do YOU think about me?

4 responses

18 06 2008

Dude, you are way cool! I have never had so many laughs in a few paragraphs…

Add me to your fan list!

2 09 2008

I also heard your a cancer survivor, that is sexy!

18 03 2009

Oh-so hypothetical don’t you think, the whole laptop thing being as hot as a porn star’s ass? Wait a few, god, twenty years? They’ll be as sexy as deer on heat!

Haha, yes, and I’m a fan of yours. You and your aspiring screenplays.

21 03 2010

Miss you, Tim. I know you will keep ’em laughing. One of your friends said Heaven just got better. . . I believe she is totally right – still, miss you but get comfort from reading your words. . . .

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