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1 10 2009

I have a problem, friends.  My brain has stumbled upon a paradox which I, thus far, have been unable to resolve, despite vigilant research and contemplation.  The problem is as follows:

I can’t decide if girls with tattoos are hot or not.

This brain puzzle comes to me courtesy of the blog Tits & Tats (extremely NSFW, obviously).  The blog is, as the name implies, just a bunch of pictures of hot naked girls with various interesting tattoos.  Cool.  Unfortunately, looking at these pictures has planted within me a chicken-or-the-egg type question…Are these girls hot because of their tattoos?  Or are the tattoos hot because they are on naked girls?  Let’s look at the arguments:

On one hand, the artwork on display on this site is unquestionably beautiful, and there is something about the way the tattoo artist incorporates a woman’s physical shape into the piece that really enhances the natural beauty.  Plus, when you see a girl with tattoos like this, you can’t help but get the impression that she’s the type of girl who will, you know, do it with you without a lot of annoying questions, such as: Where is this relationship going? Do you have any diseases? or, What did you say your name was again?  That’s always nice.

On the other hand, the tattoos can be a problem.  Girls, you may find this hard to believe, but the reason we guys want to get you naked so badly isn’t just so we have easier access to your fun parts, although that is certainly a huge factor.  However, we also want to get you naked so we can look at your naked body, because that’s hot.  And for girls with tattoos, particularly the ones with extremely large, full-body tattoos, it’s like they are wearing clothes that we can NEVER GET OFF!  I will never be able to see that patch of skin that is now covered by a tattoo.  And that makes me sad.

A dramatization of what my penis goes through, when I see a girl with tattoos.  Hmmm....

A dramatization of what my penis goes through, when I see a girl with tattoos. Hmmm....

Another issue: Girls with tattoos that are in writing.  I don’t know how I feel about that.  I’m an avid reader, so…I certainly like having the extra reading material, I guess.  But do I want that extra reading material during sex?  I think when I’m having sex, I just want to have sex.  If I wanted to read I’d, you know, go read.  You’re already entertaining enough in the bedroom, ladies…you don’t need to provide me with reading material to pass the time.  We’re having sex, we aren’t sitting in the waiting room of the doctor’s office.

So, I’m still at an impasse.  Tattoos: Hot?  Distracting? Slutty? Unnecessary?  Weight in with your opinions in the comment section.  In the meantime, I promise to work diligently at cracking this conundrum by studying…possibly for hours upon hours…the naked girls with tattoos pictures.  And if you are a girl with a tattoo who would like to contribute to my research by getting naked and letting me look at you, that would be super appreciated as well.

Together, we can finally solve the ancient HOT GIRLS + TATTOOS = ? equation.



4 responses

1 10 2009

After some intense research of the above named website I would like to weigh in on this argument. My conclusion, the Tattoos are distracting from their natural beauty. These girls are hot without them. Maybe one giant tattoo is ok, or a little tattoo with maybe one word (like mine) is fine too. But a whole body full of tattoos is kinda gross to me. But just to make sure i’m going to go back to that site and do some more research, in my bed…

2 10 2009

Hmmm. As a chick who isn’t attracted to naked chicks in the same way as you, it may be harder for me to weigh in. But you’re soliciting opinions so I’ll give mine. Some of the pictures on the site were kind of like – whoa, what? there was a tattoo? I mean really the chick sprawled across the bed? Are you looking at her tattoos? I think tattoos are appealing if they’re meaningful in someway that makes them become part of that person – rather than just a skin covering you can never peel off. Like the flaming skull — Not hot to me, but maybe there’s a story that goes with it – like her lover is under the curse of the black pearl and that’s actually a portrait of him in the moonlight ? I think they can be very attractive if done artistically in good taste, and you know, don’t cover any of the important parts you’re trying so desperately to undress. Slutty? No. Some of the pics were slutty, but that has nothing to do with tattoos. I don’t think those two things are related at all.
Conclusion: I agree with nikki – more skin than ink is better.

10 10 2009

I really am a non-fan of tattoos…ESPECIALLY on women. I believe our reasons are similar. Skin is can be very sexy, and covering up sexy skin (even with phenomenal art) is a crying shame. Wouldn’t it be much better to have said art on a canvas in your bedroom and have the skin uncovered?

Bottom line: I feel that well placed and smaller tattoos on men are fine, but I will never understand girls who cover their bodies in them. That may be sexist and I do not care.

13 10 2009

Hummm, not all the women on the T & T site are Hot! They have a great photographer! : ) Oh, and the poses don’t hurt either! I like the site and like looking at the pics but I wouldn’t even want to date a guy with that many tattoos! but it seems like it would be exciting, until you’ve seen all his tattoos and finally get sick of them!!

I have one small tattoo that only I can see, or show if I choose. I believe I agree with the others that tattoos seem to have gotten out of hand and cover way too much of the body. I liked it a lot better when they were more tabboo and not so common.
Thanks for the opportunity to chime in!!

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