You lie…

12 09 2009

A friend of mine posted this video on her Facebook recently.  It’s of President Obama’s recent speech regarding his health care plan, with Joe Wilson interrupting him with “You lie” at one point.  It’s a pretty awesome video for those of you who, like me, are really hoping our government moves closer to the British form, where they just scream over the top of each other for six hours, and somehow make a law.  It’s pretty awesome, and a damn sight more interesting than CSPAN.

But that’s not what I’m here to write about.  What I’m here to write about is something that has been brewing in my brain area for a while now and seeing this video has brought out.  The health care debate is a big deal in this country right now.  My friend’s post of this video prompted FORTY REPLIES at last count.  Forty fucking replies.  I only got half way through reading them, and during that time I masturbated three times.  Not because people debating the intricate nuances of our capitalistic insurance system on a social networking site that also contains quizzes entitled “Which ‘Sex and the City’ character are you?” gets me turned on, but because I was so bored and confused by the halfway point that fwapping myself to orgasm was the only way to make myself feel better.

Here’s what I don’t understand folks: How can ANYONE except possibly the nerdiest Harvard economics professor have strong opinions about this health care debate?  IT’S TOO FUCKING CONFUSING!  Yet people debate it like it’s something fundamentally obvious like not molesting children or gay marriage.  Quick message to you folks: It’s not.  Behold:


People shouldn’t die just because that can’t afford health insurance, nor should they go bankrupt or be financially ruined because of an unexpected medical expense.

I 100% agree.  I also think children shouldn’t die of cancer, husbands shouldn’t abuse their wives, and that hooker should have told me she had gonorrhea before she charged me a bill for that BJ.  But, those things do happen.  We live in a world of realities, and saying people shouldn’t die because they can’t afford medical expenses doesn’t help solve the problem of HOW WE DISTRIBUTE MEDICAL TREATMENT.


The government shouldn’t be put in charge of something as important as health care…they’re idiots and can’t do anything right.  We should let the free market decide where medical treatment goes.

Yeah, it does seem insane to put the government in charge of something as important as health care.  I mean, it’s one thing to have the government completely in control of trivial thinks like protecting our borders, enforcing the laws of the land, and establishing the rights and liberties we all live by.  But now you want them to get involved in setting my dislocated shoulder?  Fuck you government, and you’re trying to make society a better, more cooperative place to live ways. /sarcasm  Look fellas, the government is already three feet up your asshole, and have their pointer finger buried in just about every part of the plum pie that is our lives already…there is no logical reason why health care is just “automatically” supposed to be an exception.  Moaning about how government is the cause, not solution, to our problems doesn’t help solve the problem of HOW WE DISTRIBUTE MEDICAL TREATMENT.

You know what I think?  I think most of you getting your assholes clenched about this issue probably don’t know the first damn thing about this country’s health care system, Obama’s plan, or how any of this shit will affect anything.  Do you know what I base that on?  The fact that I am a reasonably well educated, intelligent, and attentive adult, and I don’t know THE FIRST DAMN THING ABOUT HOW ANY OF THIS SHIT WILL AFFECT ANYTHING!  And yes, I acknowledge that many people know more than me.  But many people know far less…yet it seems everyone but me is SCREAMING AT THE TOP OF THEIR LUNGS ABOUT HOW THIS IS SO OBVIOUS AND IT SHOULD BE THE WAY THEY SAY.  And it pisses me off.  Because you people that have no idea what you are talking about…and you people know damn well who you are…are only spazzing because you are liberal/conservative and this is how a liberal/conservative should feel about this issue and your way is clearly the right way.  And I know many of you are reading this, shaking your head, clucking your tongue at me, and saying, “Oh, no Tim.  I got this whole super-complicated, infinite variabled, distribution of limited medical resources equation completely figured out, and I know for a fact everyone who disagrees with me is completely in the wrong.”

And to that I say, in the immortal words of Joe Wilson, “You lie.”



3 responses

12 09 2009

First, I am 100% full in favor of govt. funded health care. I have spent at minimum 30,000 dollars in the past five years from my blue collared wages on premiums, deductibles, the eye doctor and most heavily at the dentist. Come to find out THIS WEEK I qualify for state care in Minnesota. (Meaning I would probably have at least 25,000 of that 30,000 back in my pocket) Ignorance is not bliss in this case.

However, I am a skeptic. And yes, for reasons that I cannot explain because of the fact that I am uneducated. Democrats and Republicans alike have managed to screw up much in social programs that have been formed since the founding of this country. And while many countries across the world are functioning with govt. health care, those programs are not perfect. I doubt there is a perfect solution. But, I am happy to have the experts-and the experts alone-bicker about this until something is determined to help out our nations sick (and well), create incredible jobs, and be funded as smartly as possible.

And every time one of my bleeding heart liberal or right wing conservative friends and/or family members brings up the subject over the phone or on facebook, I will enthusiastically ignore them or bring up this fabulous weather we have been having 🙂

12 09 2009

And once again, Kristiane, you comment on one of my rambling blogs by saying the exact same thing I was just saying, only more eloquently, specifically, and without referring to your masturbatory habits. Maybe you should just write my blog, and I should comment? 😉

14 09 2009

I wish I understood the first thing about the meager medical insurance my employer offers. I truly don’t and the more I read about it the less I understand. I also don’t understand that though I have the best insurance plan my company offers I still have huge co-pays, prescription fees and, after all that, I get enormous bills in the mail. If I can’t figure out how my own insurance works (or doesn’t) How can anyone? The government has been supplying insurance for years for one part of the population it really souldn’t be that difficult to for them to figure out how to give it to the rest of us. I know several of us who could use it right now.

Oh, and I too wish our lawmakers were half as entertaining as the Brits. If I could go someplace and yell at the top of my lungs and actually accomplish something at the same time I might consider a career in politics.

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